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Our epoxy contractors are dedicated to reliable and high-quality concrete flatwork on projects large and small.
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Have a problem with your epoxy? You can count on our contractors for quality repair solutions that effectively restore your concrete.
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Our local, licensed concrete contractors know weather conditions, that can contribute to damage for the best possible repairs and installation.

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Broad vision . Careful thought . Hand crafted design.
From factories and hospitals to shopping malls and home basements, we do it all. Our full-service company specializes in epoxy flooring and concrete polishing to deliver long-lasting and high-performance floors that can handle anything.
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We are always just a call away if you have any issues with your epoxy or concrete service or have any questions about maintenance.
Experienced Local Concrete Contractors

Experienced Local Contractors

Our Oxford, MI concrete contractors live and work in the community with a reputation for quality.
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Don’t settle for less. Our contractors deliver beautiful and long-lasting floor systems with a low lifecycle cost.
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Broad vision . Careful thought . Hand crafted design.
Want a hardworking, durable, and attractive floor system for your business? Commercial epoxy flooring has a lot to offer. It offers a low lifecycle cost with unlimited design options to give your business the fresh new look it deserves.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Food Industry Commercial Epoxy

Restaurants, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens have strict requirements when it comes to flooring. A hygienic, seamless floor isn’t just important: it’s also required in the food industry.
Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Auburn Hills and Oxford, MI is designed to meet the high needs of restaurants. Commercial epoxy is USDA approved, creating a durable floor that withstands spills and heavy use yet is easy to sanitize and maintain.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Medical Epoxy Flooring

Our commercial epoxy resin is ideal for medical centers, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories, and clinics. Commercial epoxy flooring creates a durable, seamless, and hygienic floor that’s USDA approved and designed to prevent bacterial growth. It’s also easy to customize to present a sterile yet welcoming appearance for patients.
You can even choose a bright, custom floor solution to enhance your facility’s design.

Commercial Floor Epoxy

Other Commercial Epoxy

We install commercial epoxy flooring in all types of industries in Bloomfield Hills, MI and surrounding areas. Epoxy can be adapted to the needs of many commercial facilities, from hotels and restaurants to retail stores, animal hospitals, and auto shops. Commercial epoxy resin is easy to clean and maintain without costly polishing and waxing. It offers a long life and low upfront cost and it can also be customized with unique effects, patterns, stripes, and logos to upgrade the design of your property.

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Broad vision . Careful thought . Hand crafted design.
Industrial epoxy flooring in is a practical and hard-working solution for virtually any industrial application. We install industrial epoxy floor coatings in Northville, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Oxford, MI and surrounding areas.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Factory Epoxy

Factory flooring faces intense conditions including heat, spills, chemicals, and heavy loads. Our industrial epoxy in Oxford is designed to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear while maintaining a clean, seamless surface that supports a productive work environment. Industrial epoxy creates a slip-resistant factory floor that’s easy to clean and resistant to high temperature, caustic chemicals, and abrasion.
It can also withstand vehicle traffic and heavy machinery.

Hallway Epoxy Floor

Institutional Flooring

Industrial epoxy flooring is the ideal floor system for a broad range of institutional facilities. We install industrial epoxy in jails, prisons, public safety buildings, schools, and colleges in Northville, Shelby Township, and surrounding areas.
Unlike other floor systems, epoxy is completely seamless for a safe, sanitary floor system. It can maintain its bright, clean appearance for years even in the face of frequent cleaning and foot traffic.

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Warehouse Epoxy

Warehouse flooring needs to withstand a lot of abuse. It must withstand heavy loads, forklifts, and heavy drops without fracturing or cracking.
It also needs to hold up against spills without degrading or creating a slip hazard.
Industrial epoxy flooring is the top choice for warehouses in Michigan because it actually makes your existing concrete harder and increases the weight load.

Service Epoxy Floor


Building the future. Restoring the past.
Polished concrete has long been used in industrial and commercial settings but it’s rapidly gaining popularity in homes throughout Shelby Township, Auburn Hills, and other areas of Michigan. Our concrete polishing contractors serve business owners and homeowners with skilled concrete polishing service.

Polished Concrete Basements

Polished Concrete Basements
Want to finish your basement with a beautiful yet waterproof floor system? A polished concrete basement floor is the way to go. Our concrete grinding and polishing service transforms your existing concrete slab into a beautiful and vibrant finished floor system. A polished concrete floor can withstand basement flooding, spills, and abrasion with ease and its reflective surface makes your basement brighter and lighter.

Commercial Epoxy

Commercial Epoxy
Our commercial epoxy flooring is designed to withstand demanding conditions in hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and much more. A commercial epoxy floor coating creates a seamless and hardworking surface that resists damage from abrasion, impact, foot and vehicle traffic, chemicals, and more. We make it easy to customize the look of your commercial epoxy flooring with a range of colors, patterns, and effects.

Stained Polished Concrete

Stained Polished Concrete
Polished concrete doesn’t need to be gray. Our concrete polishing contractors in Oxford, MI offer endless ways to customize the look of your concrete floor with solvent-based stains, acid-based stains, and integral color. We create striking and beautiful stained polished concrete floors that vary from subtle and mottled earthen hues to vibrant, solid colors in every shade of the rainbow.

Industrial Epoxy

Industrial Epoxy
Our industrial epoxy floor coating systems are designed for even the harshest environments like warehouses, factories, food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, and more. Industrial epoxy flooring is built with durability in mind with heavy-duty resistance to heavy loads, vehicle traffic, machinery, and chemical spills. Industrial epoxy maintains its integrity for years while remaining slip-resistant and easy to clean.

Commercial Polished Concrete

As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Northville, Auburn Hills, and Bloomfield Hills, we install durable and long-lasting polished concrete floors for a wide variety of industries. Polished concrete can be a wise investment for a hotel, restaurant, retail storefront, or school with low maintenance, low installation cost, and a range of customization options.

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We’re the construction kings, building up great things.
We are one of the leading epoxy and concrete polishing companies in the Oxford area with a dedication to delivering superior tailored results.
We serve commercial and residential customers with a full range of high-quality concrete services that include high-quality epoxy coatings, concrete polishing, and concrete staining.
Whether you are ready to renovate your basement, upgrade the flooring in your business, or give your industrial facility a hardworking new floor system, our concrete contractors are ready to help.
We use only high-quality materials and licensed contractors with decades of combined experience to deliver superior results every time.

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Committed to superior quality & results in concrete services.
We set ourselves apart from other concrete companies in the Oxford area with a dedication to superior customer service, high-quality products, and knowledgeable, licensed contractors. Ready to upgrade your concrete with a decorative and protective surface? Here’s why we should be your first choice.
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We use only quality, industrial-grade epoxy to deliver long-lasting and durable results. Don’t be fooled by epoxy companies that cut corners with cheap products that will peel or flake. We invest in high-quality materials for a finished project that lasts for years.
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Unfortunately, the growing popularity of polished concrete and concrete epoxy coatings means more fly-by-night companies in Michigan. We have invested in the right equipment to deliver the results you are looking for.
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Our contractors have decades of combined experience installing commercial epoxy and polished concrete in a wide variety of settings. This experience matters when it comes to detecting potential issues, repairing concrete damage, and delivering beautiful results.
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Committed to superior quality & results in concrete services.
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